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Diana van Overbruggen

  • Orthomolecular therapist
  • EFT Master Practitioner

I always was interested in nature and how the human body worked. Based on my passion for this field I started to study laboratory technology, which I finished in 2003. Even though I studied the field I was not really working on my own health. Due to unfortunately circumstances I ended up in severe depression in 2005. I had to take anti-depressive drugs and weighted 100 kilo.

Until I decided to take my life in my own hands again.

I climbed by myself out of the depression. After having to take anti-depressive drugs for 2 years I stopped in 2008 without any problems.

In December 2007 I started loosing weight and in December 2009 I reached my ideal weight of 60 kg. I lost 40 kg by taking matters in my own hands.

In 2008 Rob entered my life. I started to get interested in what he did and how he was working with health. He helped me to gain new insights in myself and I increased my wellbeing tremendously.

This personal growth made me even more interested in how the body really works and reacts. Loosing weight made me curious in the types of nutrition our body needs.

When I started taking the food supplements, I noticed almost instantaneously a positive effect on my body and mind.

Now we have started this business together to give people the same insights and opportunities that I got.