metamedicine in a nutshell

//metamedicine in a nutshell

metamedicine in a nutshell

How can you support people towards ultimate health?

You are probably aware that stress influences health in a major way.
And lets assume that the body does not make any mistakes at all.
So if that is the case, then the body has a specific designed plan for you with the symptoms. 
Then getting rid of the symptoms means that you need to know that plan, so you can work with it and change it so the disease can disappear.
That is metamedicine in a nutshell.
To discover why the body creates symptoms and what stressor is behind the plan.
Lets take a small example:
When you are in a dark alley and suddenly someone puts a knife on your throat. Your adrenaline starts pumping, your digestive system stops, you forget what you were doing and you are constantly thinking how to get out of that situation. Those are the plans of the body in that case.
These plans are very good for you so you can get out of the situation alive and well.
Some people stay in their mind in that alley forever, so they are constantly running high on adrenaline, digestive system is not working properly. That is not healthy, that will eventually lead to symptoms.
So when a client comes to you with a physical ailment, you need to know why the body is doing that and which specific stressor is laying underneath that. If you would be working on a different stressor (in the case of the alley, the stress that the dog peed on the carpet and now the carpet is ruined) then the symptoms do not disappear.
Every tissue has its own very specific stressor. Like I say in the trainings ” The Issue is in the Tissue”.
When you know these issues and the patterns of the plan of the body, then you can magically know exactly what the life situation is of the client and where to work on.
Do you want to learn how to apply these principles and be the magician that the client expects?
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