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Business coaching is a proven concept that corporations use to support their employees in their performance and effectiveness. When you want your employees to perform optimally you support them. This is usually done by training or education. This is not always sufficient.

For example, say one of your employees need to develop their presentation skills. Usually this person is sent to a training to learn and develop these skills.  However when this person is afraid to talk in public the training will not be effective. After the training the person will still be a poor presenter. Only when the fear is resolved then the skill sets can be applied and the presentations will be better.

In business coaching we use an integral approach of the goals. We work at several levels at the same time to reach the desired goal as fast and efficient as possible. We can use whatever is necessary to get the job done. In order to obtain the results we use highly effective methods out of behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistics and psychology.

With such a combination we can guarantee a fast result. The first changes can already be noticed after 2 meetings. This way the entire process can be managed easily and there is a clear start and end date.

Our coaches are trained to have the client discover their own solutions. This way the effect is much higher than when the coach provides the solution. Not only that, the client also increases their self-reliability. The next time they will be better in handling their issues and reaching their goals.

Business coaching is mainly directed towards practical and job related issues. Mental coaching and therapy is more about more profound personal issues (that can interfere with job performance). Business coaching is directed to the now and the immediate future, while therapy also looks at the past.

Sometimes coaching-on-the-job is necessary to implement the coaching in the real life environment. The coach will be present in the work environment to support the client and give direct feedback. The client can apply this feedback instantaneous.

A good coach:

  • Helps clarify goals and make sure they are obtained.
  • Helps people to discover their internal drive to perform better
  • Helps people obtain their results faster
  • Confronts people with the effect of their behavior
  • Helps people to become aware of their own solutions



Each project starts with an intake with the coach, client and the manager of the client. In this meeting the goals are being discussed and committed to paper. This makes sure that the client, coach and manager are all agree on the goals.


During 6 meetings the client and coach will work on the agreed goals.


After these meetings there is a meeting with the manager again. This meeting is to determine which goals are met and what change in behavior is noticed in the workplace. Together future actions are discussed.

• All meetings can also take place via telephone

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