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Health coaching (or integrative health coaching) is fairly new. During health coaching you work on your physical health with coaching or psychotherapy interventions.

Stress is one of the major contributors to diseases and symptoms. When you experience a lot of stress several symptoms can develop. Health coaching is geared towards solving these forms of stress that aggravate symptoms.

You can probably imagine that you are frightened by something. At that moment your body reacts with an increased heart rate. Usually the heart rate is returned to normal within a few minutes when the stressor has disappeared. This increased hart rate was very useful to better react to the situation at hand. Imagine that this heart rate was increased for months at a time. That is not supporting the wellness of the body. That could lead to complaints or diseases.

As soon as the stressor is resolved the heart rate can normalize.

This is the expertise of health coaching, solving the stressors to pave the way for the body to heal itself. The type of coaching depends on the type of symptoms.

We use an integral approach to solve the complaints. We work at several levels at the same time to reach the desired goal as fast and efficient as possible. If the symptoms require it we will work with your physician.

We will use whatever is necessary to get the job done. In order to obtain the results we use highly effective methods out of behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistics, hypnotherapy and energy psychology. Besides these psychological interventions we will also look at your nutrition, exercise and social context. Everything is aimed at a total bio-psycho-social approach of the complaints.

Health coaching can be requested by the client themselves to solve their own symptoms. Companies request this type of coaching often to support their employees in their healing process. So people who were sick for a long time can come back to the workplace.


Telephone call

Before a treatment can start there is a telephone consultation. During this consultation the main goals are being discussed and questions can be answered.


Each treatment starts with an intake. During the intake goals are being clarified and discussed. We also start working on solving some issues during the intake.


During the meetings we will work more on your goals and important issues will be resolved.


After these 6 meetings there is a evaluation. This evaluation is to see how many of the goals are already met and if the progress is as expected. If not all issues were taken care of follow up steps are determined.

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