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For the first time ever presented here at the conference in Mumbai 2017. Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. will share his insights about what you can do to influence your cancer, or the cancer of your loved ones.

First time ever

This groundbreaking training and experience is based on his bestseller “Healing Psyche” which has sold many many copies and is being used in the top clinics in the world.


During this 2 day training you will learn exact strategies and a step by step plan on how to work with yourself and your loved ones to re-activate your self healing abilities. The information, tools, technologies that will be shared in this exclusive seminar are not shared before and can be applied to any serious illness.

Unlock YOUR healing ability

In his work Rob discovered the main pattern of people that healed themselves from cancer. Applying these patterns will revolutionize your take on health or as Christiane Nortrup said about Rob’s work “This book might save your life”


This interactive seminar will be limited to only a few very committed people. Depending on the early bookings and what kind of room we can get, this seminar might be sold out before you know.

Grab your spot NOW

So purchase your ticket now with the link below. Only this will ensure that you will have a guaranteed seat in this training.


If you postpone, you might risk of not being able to be at this exclusive training. The next opportunity is in September in Curacao (10.000 Dollar retreat)

Learn the latest

You will learn and experience

  • What makes emotions reduce your self healing ability
  • Release those emotional blockages (and you will actually experience that in the room… guaranteed)
  • How to help others releasing those blocking emotions
  • Learn the 3 major strategies to deal with ANY serious disease
  • Gain deeper understanding and know what to do to stay healthy for a lifetime.
  • … much more


Only for this conference in Mumbai the price is dramatically reduced to a fraction of the price…. And only for the first few people. Check the tickets below to see what options are still left.


  • Learn the same techniques and tools that private clients have paid thousands of dollars to get a glimpse on.
  • Have the same experience as people in retreats of 10.000 dollar and up


Book NOW by clicking the link below to guarantee your seat




Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.
Lead Trainer , Creator of Biocompass® and Emocure®
Rob has been working in this healing field since 1996. He is considered the trainer of the trainers. His two books (healing psyche and Unleash your vitality) became bestsellers in the field and by many considered a must read for any serious healing professional. His material is frequently referenced in other books and programs. He travels the world speaking at conferences and conducting live seminars and VIP trainings. Besides that he was featured in documentaries. Over the years he helped thousands of people towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.