Press release-New and Innovative Concepts in Psychological Cancer Treatment

//Press release-New and Innovative Concepts in Psychological Cancer Treatment

Press release-New and Innovative Concepts in Psychological Cancer Treatment

Author Rob van Overbruggen PhD shares his expertise and utilizes the power of the human mind to influence the cancer process in Healing PsycheROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – In Healing Psyche: Psychological Secrets for Effective Cancer Treatment, author Rob van Overbruggen describes the evolution of his ground-breaking concepts in psychological cancer treatment, how they differ from the more traditional psychological modalities, and how they have been carefully developed into a complete and complementary approach to treating cancer by tapping into the powers of the human mind.During the research process, Van Overbruggen discovered overlapping patterns from different psychological approaches to cancer therapy. In his book, he identifies those psychological patterns that influence the cancer process and how those patterns can be changed to aid the healing process. Supported by many references to scientific literature, Healing Psyche is an analysis of the influence of mindset, behavior, emotions, and coping styles on cancer.
Based on his meticulous research, Van Overbruggen makes scientifically based suggestions for creating effective programs for somatic healing and offers tips for further research into the healing potential of the mind. The book will be of great help and interest to a wide range of health practitioners and therapists who work with patients diagnosed with cancer. Patients themselves will also benefit from the new hope that these alternative healing approaches provide. Part therapeutic guidebook and part research dissertation, Healing Psyche will serve as a valuable addition and support to integrative medicine

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