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Biocompass® The Awakening

Ultimate Health , Ultimate Healing

Chronic issues are on the rise, more and more people realize that mainstream medicine does not have all the answer. People are looking for different ways to get well.

It has been recognized for many years that stress plays a vital role in vitality, health and wellness. However the exact route is unknown. What does stress do and why does it create disease… in some people.

Have you ever asked yourself if the body is capable of making mistakes?

What would happen if you were convinced that the body would not make mistakes?

What would happen if you had prove that your body never makes mistakes?

You will learn:

  • The true amazing ability of the body to heal itself
  • Learn how to apply a full META-Medicine diagnosis
  • Diagnose the root cause of health issues quickly and precisely
  • Use your diagnosis as an integral part of your holistic therapy

META-Medicine IMMA Licensed META-Health Coach™ Training Programme

Become one of the world’s first IMMA licensed META-Medicine Integrative META-Health Coaches

Doctors, therapists, coaches, chiropractors and other health professionals along with those interested in alternative therapies and people like you are learning why META Medicine is an important step in the process of any disease. Finally, there is something out there that provides patients and health practitioners with a precise and bio-logical answer to our health questions when 99% of the information available cannot explain. What causes disease? Why do people get sick? How can understanding the process help with the therapeutic intervention or healing process. And most of all, how can someone like you get involved and incorporate this information into your own therapeutic practices or begin a META Medicine health coach practice of your own.

Be one of the first to experience the all new META-Medicine Integrative Health Coach Trainings which now include these advanced techniques:

  • Rapport and Communication SkillsEssential techniques for transformational communication and for building powerful client-health coach relationships (NLP skills).
  • Sensory Acuity and Emotional languageLearning state, emotional language and sensory acuity techniques to increase awareness in noticing client’s triggers, emotional patterns and beliefs (NLP skills). Use eye patterns to practice sensory acuity and submodalities.
  • Trauma & Trigger Analysis Process
  • A mind-body-social diagnostics process that uses the 9 major points and phases of a healing process on the 5 levels (organ, mind, brain, nervous system, environment) with focus on eliciting the root-cause and triggers.
  • Emotional Pattern Analysis ProcessA technique to use the emotional pattern a client is feeling right now to elicit the underlying energetic imprint, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and triggers.
  • Trigger Association TechniqueTechnique to allow clients to experience the triggers of stress and regeneration phase as a powerful convincer of becoming aware and being in charge of the self-healing process.
  • VAKOGS Trigger and Reversal ElicitationFind out which specific senses (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory and Inner Self-talk) trigger the stress phase and the reversal into the regeneration phase.
  • Emotional Quality AnalysisEasy yet powerful technique to determine the precise emotional quality of symptoms and organs which will allow patients to associate and connect with their inner healing abilities.
  • Soul-utions ProcessA transformational process to identifying the underlying pattern of a symptom, release these pattern and reconnect to the higher learnings.
  • Psychological Health Issues and Constellations ProcessOverview of psychological health issues focusing on cortex directed organs and techniques to guide clients in their healing journey.

META-Health Coach training is the most advanced approach in Integrative Health Coaching available in the world today. As META-Health coach you will learn a unique synthesis of mind-body diagnostics, emotional healing and personal development which integrates and transcends existing coaching and therapy models. Becoming a licensed META-Health Coach will give you an unrivalled awareness and practical ability to work with the mind-body-social and behavioural nature of your client’s health, developmental and achievement issues and goals.


Full completion of this programme will qualify and enable you to understand and use the mind-body-social connection and develop a fully integrative approach to health & personal development and achievement.

You will…

Master META Medicine Integrative Diagnosis:

  • Learn how to apply a full META-Medicine® diagnosis
  • Diagnose the root cause of health issues quickly and precisely
  • Learn how to recognise and use the two phases to get to the root cause
  • Learn how to explain META-Medicine® to clients using the two phases of disease
  • Enable clients to recognise the mind-body-social nature of their health issues by ‘triggering off’ the two phases
  • Use your diagnosis as an integral part of your holistic therapy
  • Explore how to use CT scans to support integrative diagnosis
Understand and work with mind-body-social therapy:
  • Utilise the two phases of a dis-ease to increase energy, vitality and life balance
  • Learn how to create effective Lifestyle Prescriptions and META-Therapy Plans
  • Gain skills in transformational therapeutic approaches
  • Learn how to release the emotions, beliefs and patterns behind chronic health issues
  • Unlock the your own healing potential and the healing potential within your clients
  • Learn how to apply your current therapies more successfully
  • Gain personal experience in advanced approaches to healing and personal development
  • Use transformational tools from EFT, NLP and Coaching alongside META-Medicine to help clients make profound changes
  • Develop META-Health & wellness coaching skills to enable clients to set & achieve their health & life goals, realign their values, overcome limiting beliefs and change their behaviours
Develop effective META-Health coaching awareness and skills:
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions for changing clients’ perceptions, beliefs, emotional response
  • Understand how to get clients motivated and focused on positive future outcomes
  • Find out how to identify and transform self-limiting beliefs
  • Gain practice uncovering clients’ hidden values and releasing value misalignments
  • Learn how to structure ongoing work with clients to help them achieve their health, life and personal development goals
Gain a unique business opportunity:
  • Start a new profession representing the best in the future of integrative and holistic health care and medicine
  • Join the growing international network of META-Medicine Health Coaches
  • Create a niche within your field by being one of the first to use this ground-breaking approach
  • Integrate META-Health Coaching within your existing practice and improve your therapeutic results
  • Start a new business as a META-Health Coach

Learn the most advanced approach to mind-body-diagnosis, integrative health coaching, personal development and achievement in the world today:

Understand and use the bio-psycho-social connection – you will understand the intimate connection between thoughts, feelings behaviour and dis-ease in a way that transcends other systems and approaches to health

Find the traumatic events & conflicts preceding illness – Develop capabilities in determining the events and emotional memories in someone’s life that lay beneath their health issues

Understand what to look for in the 2 phases and major points of dis-ease for different health issues

Gain an in-depth understanding of the emotional and bio-logical meanings of the organs and health issues

Get a full organ-mind-brain directory to use with clients and on your own health issues

Understand your own, family, friends and clients’ health issues – and how health issues affect us at all levels

Understand psychological issues and constellations, including anxiety, bipolar, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, depression and bulimia

This training is for you…

When you are serious about your health and the health of your clients.

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