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Biocompass® Awesome Archetypes

When people are in pain – physically or emotionally, they want to see an EXPERT.

Would you like to be that EXPERT in your field?

The one that people come to?

Then read on.

Have you ever felt that working with constellations is a bit of a mystery or a challenge?

Would you like to learn how easy it really is?

Did you know that you can use behavioral patterns to determine which issues are running in the client?

What if learning to address the constellations correctly means you always get the results you want with your clients?

META-Medicine constellations are not as complex as you might think, once you know the patterns it becomes easy… and FUN.


As a professional you want to know EXACTLY what is going on with the client and work on those issues that will get you RESULTS.

This training is designed to make META-Medicine constellations EASY to understand and FUN to learn. This will allow you to create dramatic results with your clients and position you as a TOP EXPERT in the field.

Do you want to join this METAMedicine training?

You will learn

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  • how constellations develop and what to work on
  • Determine the conflicts based on behavior
  • Your own constellations and what to do
  • Advanced triggering applied to constellations
  • To develop your own personal plan



And to top it off, you will go home with detailed PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN. During the training we will create your personal with issues that you were probably not even aware of until we pointed it out. This personal plan alone is worth the entire investment for the training.

This training is not for everyone. It is an advanced training only for serious people who already have at least a basic understanding of METAMedicine.
If you are a REAL PROFESSIONAL and you want to become the TOP EXPERT then this metamedicine training is for you.

This training is open to all nationalities and will be conducted in English by Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.

This is a very intense and newly designed 3 day training, not available anywhere else.

So sign up now for this Advanced METAMedicine Training.

Yes we do have an early bird special.… for the guessed it right.. the early birds…people who sign up quickly. So click here to order your ticket and we will meet soon.

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