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Heba A. Meligy-I was lost in Biocompass®,  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Pranic healer/Emotional therapist - Egypt

I was lost in Biocompass®, whenever I read I feel that I am still lost. But with more training I go more with practices would make it more easier to understand the keywords and then can go and practice and be followed by Dr. Ahmed.

Tracey Flint Zacharov-This training gives a clear  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Researcher (Genetics) - Denmark

This training gives a clear understanding of how archetypes are build up and how they affect behavior. It also makes diagnosis easier and makes one aware that most people are running a lot of archetypes in very mild forms, resulting in minor behavioral adaptations. Some of which are beneficial in certain circumstances.

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Teacher - Egypt

I recommend this training, because it showed me how the body is always helping us to adapt. I always thought that the body was against us, trying to make us pay for our emotional mistakes. However, I realize that the body is a gift that keeps on giving; and fact that it creates physical and emotional problem is just to help us survive.
So the body equasion
UDIN = body + survival
I would recommend this course because it helped appreciate my body.

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Doktor in family therapy - Egypt

1. For more people to know about Biocompass®.
2. To give a chance for more persons to get healed from their UDIN
3. To show people that most of our diseases are out of traumas.

Very essential new knowledge science in understanding of the deepest reason for sickness and low quality of life. – by observing behaviour

Vishwast Kapoor-This course has been an  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Software - India

This course has been an eyeopener of sorts. I knew I had behavioral issues, however, never realized how many of them. It has been a great and fun filled experience to learn knowledge and more so because I could relate to a lot of it having behaved or experienced such behaviors from others in the past.
Thank you for helping me heal and learn in such a fun filled manner.

Martin Hejlesen Jensen-Rob has a huge knowledge  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Biocompass® Coach - Denmark

Rob has a huge knowledge about the cortex and explains very good.
I have this feeling at the end of this training that I can explain other people about the cortex.

Susanne Mohr Christensen-Rob is VERY WELL PREPARED,  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Coach / Therapist - Denmark

Rob is VERY WELL PREPARED, knows what he is talking about.
Very nice atmosphere. A VERY GOOD teacher – alive/interesting
Easy to understand – speaking in a good tempo

Aya Ahmed El-Gammal-I recommend to people who  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
psychologist - Egypt

I recommend to people who really wants to get their benefits – to know more to make themselves more better or to help them in lilfe – work.
The Biocompass® is very rich – easy. Rich in info and easy in healing and make people happy.
I really get benefits – already changed from the 2nd day.
Thank you.

Anu Mehta-Rob van Overbruggen is amazing  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Master trainer - India

Rob van Overbruggen is amazing and the material is outstanding

sidse Brodersen-If you'd like to take  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
web designer/therapist - Denmark

If you’d like to take your Biocompass® to the next level, this is where you start. Rob van Overbruggen has deeper insights to Biocompass® in general and in archetypes than anyone else in the Biocompass® community. Expect to have lots of fun and new insight about yourself and the people around you.

Kristy Byron-I would highly recommend this  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training

I would highly recommend this training to professionals and anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of themselves and others. This training gives you the ability to work with others to help them final resolution around behaviors they would like to alleviate. Should they be negatively impacting their life.
Rob van Overbruggen teaches in a way that is easy to understand. His compassion shines through as well as his sincerity to make the world a better place.
Thank you Rob van Overbruggen 🙂

Doreen Soans-Candidly speaking we expected that  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Hairstylist - Biocompass® practitioner - India

Candidly speaking we expected that this training would be like a tuff cookie giving us a Brainstem issue, but Rob van Overbruggen made it so simple that there was no room for confusion. He also taught us simple techniques that will help us revise -how to pick up from UDIN moments what we like and store them in a place we can open when needed

Niveen Sobhy Abdallah Khalifa-In the matter of fact,  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
METAEFT/Hypnotherapist - Egypt

In the matter of fact, this training permitted me to discover that many unusual or unexpected behaviors are related to more than one UDIN active at the same time. After the training I think I’ll be able to interpret behaviors in a different way out from different perspectives on psychical and emotional or mental levels.

Bente Nyson Johansen-Difficult and/but a great  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
teacher and therapist - Denmark

Difficult and/but a great pedagogic book and teaching.
Only for advanced Biocompass® practitioners.
So great, when I finally can start to understand and use it for myself and clients. I need an up-following teach.
Can I join another course? What/which course would you recommend me? Of yours!
I must/will learn to use archetypes so easily and playful with clients.
I recommend strongly Rob van Overbruggen’s workshop and the way you teach with so good step-wise buildup op the understanding all from Rambo/Barbie archetypes
Good fun – good smile

Good diagnostic tool to help you and your clients. Find the traumas witch need to be healed for getting out of the ?? where you are trapped.
Very good and over-viewing teaching book! 🙂

Rob van Overbruggen has thought of everything and share generously with us lucky students. Rob is a dear and inspiring person who value learning very seriously top class and sprinkled with humor at eye level he does all that in his power to accommodate all of us in the room. Well done Rob, looking forward to more in your company 🙂

Rob is my idol
My new trainer
Happy education
Highly information skills – education niveau
The best training ever
I will sure repeat the training

Elsebeth Kleif-An overwhelming weekend is unfortunately  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
EFT-TFT Practitioner - Denmark

An overwhelming weekend is unfortunately over. It has been so exciting and instructive. and many things have fallen into place.

Rob is a very good teacher. He knows his stuff, he is a good speaker – very organized – makes it clear – very patient – very pleasant
Very good in not losing track
You feel confident in his class, and any question is not to small
The course has given me a great insight and completed the puzzle.
It’s amazing to be trained in this knowledge I learned and I feel confident in looking into this stuff with the clients

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OT - Australia

If you would like a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and a very effective diagnostic tool to assist you to help your clients find their core issues or UDINs. This training will be interesting

Susanne Birk Larsen-Very interesting Rob is super  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
psychotherapist - Denmark

Very interesting Rob is super engaged enthusiastic,well-prepared and having a clear communication. The mix of theory and exercises and small physical exercises are fine.
The theory alltogether is big mouthful, I would like and feel a way to repeat it later

Leena Lal-That this course is an  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Student - India

That this course is an amazing experience to gain knowledge – change our beliefs – perception (if needed) to get us a better understanding about us and the environment we deal daily. this course will make us curious and aware of a lot of unknown things we don’t know. Worth it! 🙂 (LOVE)

This training change you mind-setting about yourself and the way you believe in and think about yourself and other people. With this knowledge you are more able to understand how your brain works and why you and others behave how they do. But you learn to change the bad things and stay even happier with ??? good sides. Everyone should give themself this gift and set that knowledge and wisdom.

Gayle Pilon-Biocompass® gives you an awesome  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Reiki/EFT practitioner - Australia

Biocompass® gives you an awesome understanding of your mind body connection and also to help others, I recommend this training

Legendary patient trainer. And the knowledge and insights was amazing. Also knows his limitations. Every Biocompass®r should know Rob and all the information we learned at this incredible course. Thank you

Mirjana Bevanda-Using the physical ailments and  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Gemmologist/jeweller - Australia

Using the physical ailments and symptoms, you can find out how your belief system effects your health and well being.

That it is a wonderful course, completely life changing. It’s taught me how to look at mental illness with a different perspective, also giving me another way to view people – their knowledge.
Thanks a lot Rob van Overbruggen.
Looking forward to the next time you come down under.
Don’t let it be to long

Jens Jørgen Nielsen-It is a very good  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
TFT-Metahealth-Healer - Denmark

It is a very good followup training upon Mygind’s Biocompass® education

Go for it!
It change your life perception.

Shona Neil-It is a great cocktail  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Shen Thearapy Intern - India (+Scotland)

It is a great cocktail of Biocompass® with archetypes and stand up comedy. A cocktail of archetypes and comedy spiced up with music + it ticks all of the boxes of the learning styles.

Relaxed yet confident presentation style. Felt very comfortable with the course even when asked to do stuff I don’t like doing particularly. So what more to say- will take a day or 3 to assimilate the learnings. But I am going away with a new sense of connection to the subject and enthusiasm to learn and do more. Thank you. 🙂

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Trainer - Saudi Arabia

This is a kind of great knowledge which I think we have to be teach in university.
Most of people have stress in their life even kids so this will help them to pass it.
I really hope to learn how to solve the problems after we know it by using energy or EFT by giving a short practice on it.
The trainer is so great so I hope to meet him again at KSA

Bassant Muhammed Kamel El Sayed-The most amazing thing in  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
psychologist - Nasr City

The most amazing thing in this course was that he was using music and exercises, and more information than I expected.
One other thing is he was friendly and he was co-operated.

The training is full of knowledge, information and definitely fun. It helps us to sort out the reasons as to whatever is happening in our life and the connection towards our thinking.
It helps us to make a decision that whatever is happening in my life is of ‘ME’ only

Kavita Doshi-Definitely learned a lot - will  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Alternative healing therapist - India

Definitely learned a lot – will be using this knowledge further. I would myself like to continue studying archetypes + cancer more in detail through more of your courses.

Dr. Madhavi Mohan Kathpal-This course further clarified the  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Dermatologist - India

This course further clarified the archetypes that we learned in Biocompass® courses. Also taught newer archetypes and how to unravel the conflicts by asking razor sharp questions that resonates with our client.
Nothing but only scientific, well researched facts were presented by a trainer, who although a revered teacher, behaved like our buddy who guided us through the learning with precision, patience and perseverance. It was an intense 3-day learning interspersed with a lot of games, fun, dance and music.
A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience. Rob van Overbruggen is truly an example of -humility is the mark of a great man-.

Anne-Corinne Vingtoft-Rob has a talent for  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Psychotherapist - France / sweden

Rob has a talent for making difficult, heavy stuff clear, logic and easy. As a student, I felt heard and understand, and I learned beyond my expectations!
The training happens in a relaxed and positive atmosphere, while stuff is thought in a very competent and serious well-structured way.
Excellence is what comes to my mind about this training.

Mohamed Essa-My knowledge toward the human  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Engineer/Trainer - Egypt

My knowledge toward the human psychology has reached a deeper level.
This course added new perspectives and visions channels to look from for better understanding for the best healing possible

An absolutely brilliant course that has revolutionized the way I view diseases and behaviors in an empowered and enlightened way

The archetypes course gave me a great insight on many types of behavior. I’ve learnt what types of conflicts – challenges can trigger certain behavior patterns and what can be done to stop or change those patters. As a part of the course I gained a great insight into my life and created a program to work on myself. Rob van Overbruggen himself is a great, logical teacher. He left no guesswork to be done around the course. Great course to take!

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Health practitioner - Australia

I would recommend this training to any professional who is looking to have more clarity in pinpointing the underlying causes of their clients behavioral issues.
Biocompass® will change the way I work with clients completely.
Biocompass® helps me to have a much clearer and precise direction in how to help people clear their issues for a better life.
Rob van Overbruggen is an amazing, gentle, knowledgeable – supportive trainer with so many wonderful insights to help you discover.
Thank you so much

Amal Soliman-Yes I would recommend this  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Medical Doctor - Egypt

Yes I would recommend this training.
I can see things more deep now, and the causes of disease or psychological disorders are not just due pshysical causes, but they related deeper to previous traumas or situations.
A new way to release my old traumas and issues.
Inspiring course. Thank you 🙂
I really have fun 🙂

Sonja Courtis-Absolutely I would. I have  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Matrix practitioner - Australia

Absolutely I would. I have a number of friends in various holistic therapies that would benefit from this training 🙂

Narelle Casey-I would totally recommend this  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
MR practitioner - Australia

I would totally recommend this training to everyone it is wonderful to be able to understand so much more in depth about our behaviors and the theme’s that run in our life. Also that how (normal) it is to be and feel certain ways because it all makes sense. And that a lot of archetypes are wonderful to have in certain degrees and are beneficial to the lives we lead. Absolutely eye opening life change and amazingly awesome. I love love love love it.
Thank you so much Rob van Overbruggen

Has forever changed the way I will look at behavior-both mine and others. Has changed how I will operate as a therapist. Definitely would recommmend this training to anyone in the therapy profession

The trainer is amazing – mild – precise
questions breach the most area of the conflicts.

Caroline-Explain about the mind/body/ Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training

Explain about the mind/body/psyche connection in the form of examples and personal experience.
How empowering this knowledge is and it helps you understand yourself and others more, especially in regards to behavior.

Iman Saad Ahmed-yes, I do
Healed myself  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Relationship coach of inner peace/ Healer - Egypt

yes, I do
Healed myself from:
– Frustration
– Loneliness
– Not being able to value myself
– Aggressiveness
Now I feel:
secured-cured-happy :)))
Thank you Rob van Overbruggen

1. It’s a good chance to know more about yourself
2. You can also get a chance to heal yourself

Teddy Von Siver-It simply the best! Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training

It simply the best!

I learnt many new things – hopefully it will help me solve some of my own problems and to also help others. It will also help me understand the human psyche/mind – how it reacts to things

James Anthing George Widdop-Yes, learn how to understand  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
sales/marketing - Australia

Yes, learn how to understand peoples behavior and more importunately your own behavior!

Chinmayi Padhya-Great course, great trainer. It  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
C.A. - India

Great course, great trainer. It helped me to understand me – others better.

Lars Mygind-If you are a behavioral  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training

If you are a behavioral freak this is the training for you

Dr. Omnia Alazazzy-You are amazing 
Thank you  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Lectural of psychiatry- Faculty of medicine - Egypt

You are amazing
Thank you Rob van Overbruggen, shokram

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Pharmacist - Egypt

Thank you for your effort, You were so great
I learned alot from you

Rashmi Arora-Rob is an excellent trainer.  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Doctor - India

Rob is an excellent trainer. He brings in life to the training. He was a jovial way of teaching. such a complex topic has been made so easy and in a fun filled way.

Rob is an excellent presenter who knows his material very well. He explains complex stuff in an easy to understand manner and mixes fun and theory in a way that makes it easy to understand. I highly recommend to all health practitioners, therapist etc. who want a deeper knowledge of how the mind-body link affects us health wise and in life in general

Menna Allah Helall-This training allowed me to  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Hr Coordinator - Egypt

This training allowed me to really know who I am, not be ashamed from any situation happeed to me. I can be just Menna and I’ll never have been like this until I’ve been coached with Dr. Rob,. Stresses are games learn how to enjoy playing with Dr. Rob van Overbruggen.
Thanks for being a really comfortable person to deal with 🙂

Never connected behavior to tissue issues.
Will help with my other modalities to give clients a better insight and empower their lives.
Thank you

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Reiki/EFT practitioner - Australia

Awesome archetypes is a foundation which provides an understanding into behavior patterns and what – why people are acting in the way they do.
To clearly understand that it’s important to nourish the behaviors as it’s a simple cry out from the body, sending a message it needs TLC and rejuvenation.

If you want to know why you or your client, run certain patterns or themes and cannot get a breakthrough no matter what modality you use. This training will help you to see the issue right away enable you to be precise in helping them clear.
Liberating on all accounts

Unravel the mysterial of the cortex
Tons of informations, very useful informations, very systematic and informatics
Lots of fun, different ways of learning witch helps me to remember much more of the content
Rob is a very funny and lively teacher, great fun
I got so many insights, hope I can remember most of them and I look forward to start using them.

Margrethe Foged-This is a super training  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
TFT/EFT Metapractitioner - Denmark

This is a super training especially if you work with psychological issues. But also super for personal understanding, evolution and growth

Noura Mohammed El-yamani-I recommend the program for  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
psychologist - Cairo

I recommend the program for those who specialists in the healing process or doctors.
The trainer was very clear and trustable that was very comfort to me

Jennifer Richards-This training is wonderful for  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Therapist/Food manufacturer - Australia

This training is wonderful for understanding your own behaviors – letting go of judgement you hold against yourself. It also allows you to understand why others behave the way they do which in turn allows you to have a better relationship with them. When you finish this course you view the world through a new lens, stepping forward in a new found love – appreciation of the complexities of human behavior.

Connie Moller-Clearly explained about the archetypes  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Social worker - Denmark

Clearly explained about the archetypes But there is still more to learn maybe more courses.

Kirsten Melchiorsen-While I did my first  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Dentist / Therapist - Denmark

While I did my first training I thought archetypes were very difficult, hard to make an overview of the stuff. Really didn’t know how to use it in practice. Now I dare to use my knowledge. I’m looking forward to exercise. Thank you

Depends on which people -> if they like me already know quite a lot about the archetypes, they should take it to get a repetition and for some points to get it in another way.
If people know less about archetypes I will highly recommend it.

Mette Rosenquist-Very professional seminar about archetypes Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Psychotherapist - Denmark

Very professional seminar about archetypes

Tell my colleagues.
Mention it when I make a speech (talk in public)

Lene Rødshagen-Get good insights in whgat  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Therapist - Denmark

Get good insights in whgat archetypes is?
How they work and what to do with them!

Kristen Damgaard-You have patience and explains  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Intensive care nurse - Denmark

You have patience and explains so many times as needed , yet you can end the talker
Nice with the warm up exercises after breaks

Reena R. Verma-training was a very good  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Property consultant - India

training was a very good learning experience. Trainer was really excellent. He explained such complicated issues in a very simple way which made us understand many emotional aspects behind people’s behaviour. He made the session very interesting and it was a great fun to be with him. we not only learned new things but had a great time doing various activities.

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Yoga therapist, counseling, energetic healer - India

The trainer is fabulous, very sweet, humble, modest very good at his work.
Firstly one needs to have a little background about Biocompass® – the more you know the more you will love the program. As you understand you will be amazed to know how many issues people are having – there behaviour pattern – also at times how easily you can help them resolve their issues.
Its a wonderful program where you will surely benefit yourself – also the whole world.
Thank you sir Rob.

It made me understand personalities and archetypes in a easy and practical way

Very dedicated, professional – dynamic (fun) presentation.
Very trustworthy
Very including and loving atmosphere

Rob van Overbruggen builds the foundations – supplies the resources which enable a relatively swift understanding of very complex behaviors.
Using diagrams, charts, music – exercises, participants have an opportunity to practice putting the information together.
This will be very beneficial in assisting clients to resolve physical – emotional issues more swiftly.

Dr. Abdas Desai-Go for it. It is  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Homeopath - Energyhealer - India

Go for it. It is a must and definately worth anything

Wendy Mackay-Great training. Very beneficial - insightful Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
clinical - energy psychologist - Australia

Great training. Very beneficial – insightful

Kim Healey-The archetypes are an amazing  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Costumer servise - Australia

The archetypes are an amazing avenue to find themes within your life that are creating stress and illness within your life.
being able to easily identify traumas effecting your health.

Trainer GREAT
Biocompass® is an empowering technique for diagnosis – self growth where in we truly understand that its our own perceptions to events/people/places which could make our lives enjoyable or sad. -The power is that we can change- These is for ourselves and if someone else is keen for the same we could empower them by releasing so much of locked up energy which could be available for better purpose to be at peace – ease its a journey with a definite end of growth. Reclaim your power.

That this course about archetypes is not “dangerous” ??? an important tool to you to understand what UDIN’s can do to you and your clients. By using there theories you can better explain what is going on in the client.
Thank you!

Maha Salah-The training is extremely useful  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Egineer - Egypt

The training is extremely useful for people who are working in the field of consultation it will help them to know their clients, but I think for non professionals they might feel it is very high level on them, they need to have simplier training first and if they are interested they may go deep.

Devansh Vyas-I would tell others that  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Student - India

I would tell others that this course is absolutely brilliant stuff. The trainer is an amazing guy. definitely recommended for one and all!

Mai Haamoun Alkady-The course is amazing, its  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Therapist - Egypt

The course is amazing, its contents were totally new information for me and it will help me a lot in my career as I am a therapist. The trainer was so sweet – friendly and made the workshop days full of fun and information together. So I was interested in attending not feeling bored even for a second.

Thank you for an awesome weekend. The training was so interesting and fun. Thank you for opening my eyes even more Rob van Overbruggen. Everybody should know, what we learned in these days.

I would highly recommend this training, which every grown up should join.. Especially those in the health industry/branch. A lot of people would get the right and more specific help and prejudices would be less

I consider Biocompass® training as an integral part of being an energy psychologist.
1. It helps therapists to be much more direct and focused to find the causative traumas related to both physical and psychological diseases.
2. It helps therapists to educate the client where they are in the disease process. It is important for clients to know that symptoms are often in the healing phase not the stress-phase. Which is empowering.

Ahmed Antar Mahmoud-You are perfect.
Come to  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Pharmacist - Egypt

You are perfect.
Come to us again please.

Lisbeth Graae-Try it yourself! Its useful!! Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Meta-Health practitioner - Denmark

Try it yourself! Its useful!!

Jenny Williams-This course turns around all  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Senior Review Officer - Australia

This course turns around all I learned in my psychology degree about diagnosing illnesses, both physical and psychological/ psychiatry

In the past, I didn’t know how to face problems maybe I was not brave enough to find out or solve these problems myself. But now a lot of things had changed, for example I stopped judging and evaluating myself and others. There are a lot of behavioral problems which the media exaggerate it and the community dislike it and run away from it but now I learned that it’s existent in many people but in reasonable rates and now I become closer to those people that the community consider them as unwell people. I accept myself and the others with all love and peace.

You have to take this course if you will benefit mostly from the knowledge about archetypes

Ryham Ahmed Abdellatif-The trainer succees to satisfy  Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
lifecoach - councelor - Egypt

The trainer succees to satisfy all the personal styles in the class and was able to deliver the knowledge in excellent way to the attendees.

We realized the reasons not only behind our behaviors but also the reasons of what we get in our lives why that happens to me that’s because of my archetypes which is attract the same events to my life
i think there is much more to learn about it to be professionals but its worth the effort
thanks Rob van Overbruggen

Sarah Samy Mokktar El-Mahdy-Thanks.. I'm Peter Pan Biocompass Biocompass Awesome Archetypes Training
Psycho-therapist - Egypt

Thanks.. I’m Peter Pan

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Medical Doctor = Dermatologist - Egypt

Well there was so much to learn but what affected me the most was the fact that everyone has his own reason for his behavior, what i used to think of as being “weird” before is now accepted and much more respected,, you have teached us acceptance which in my point of view is the most valuable.. I had so much fun also this was really an amazing experience,, thanx Rob
This course was so much fun and interesting at the same time

I recommend this course as a followup of some kind of therapy course. Special thanks for Dr. Rob coz he was so co-operative – funny

Thank you Rob for an amazing training in Unravel the mysteries of the cortex. I experienced you as a teacher full of zest and humor that makes even the complex stuff easy to understand and remember. I got huge insights in how to easily spot behavioral patterns and I feel much more competent now in determining which issues or archetypes my clients are running. I was surprised to experience how we all run many archetypes in a light ‘normal’ way – how these archetypes create who we are as individuals – and how archetypes can actually be very positive and beneficial. The training has been intense yet fun and playful at the same time. Thank you Rob, I’m very grateful for the training with you and for all the new insights, tips and tricks.

Rob is a very skillful teacher – very structured which make you relax and trust the process. Rob provides lots of examples in a quite funny way by using body language! A course where you get lots of insights and upgrade your knowledge to a higher level.