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Teacher - Egypt

Yes, I would recommend this course. I feel that it colored the archetypes and Biocompass®. It colors how perception changes due to hormones, and the energy that controls us. I would recommend it because it gives a deeper meaning to feminine and masculine.

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Psychotherapist - Denmark

The trainer has a good energy and are very much in the stuff. I would recommend others to join the course, just to learn more about them selves and others. How to interact with others in a more understanding and harmonies way.

Lars Mygind-Rob van Overbruggen leads you  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
Master - Denmark

Rob van Overbruggen leads you slowly into and trough complex subjects. Making them easy to understand.

This is incredible for self awareness. I knew I was more masculine (b4 trans) now understand why, also appreciate that energy. Looking forward to observing my energy from now especially with my partner.
Amazing course highly recommended

Suzanne Birk-You are patient with us  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
Psychotherapist - Denmark

You are patient with us and a very good conveyor of difficult stuff.
I would tell others not so much unless they are therapists. And if they are, probably only some headlines
But if I’m to say something about Rob van Overbruggen, I will tell that you are a very excellent teacher.

Wheter you come from a therapeutic background or just want to gain insight into your own behavior. Biocompass® will open your mind to how emotions are stored in the body and that traumas, big or small can have such an impact.

Mette Rosenquist-Really great advanced Biocompass® class  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
HR/Psyg - Denmark

Really great advanced Biocompass® class that gives new insights in to the function of the brain in connection to hormones, depression and manic

This training has been totally AMAZING!!!!
Understanding how male/female hormones are affected and also how a change in them affects physical symptoms and behavior allows me to assist my clients in a much deeper and precise way.
I recommend this training to any professional who is serious to assist their clients to really change what is happening for them.
Thank you so much Rob van Overbruggen.
I loved every moment.

Narelle (Casey) Groeneveld-Absolutely recommend this training as  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
MR practitioner - Australia

Absolutely recommend this training as it gives you more layers and clarity over the whole Biocompass® training. Loved every single moment of everything even the things I felt most challenge with. Highly recommend this to everyone.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Rob van Overbruggen.
It has been a wonderful insightful and amazing experience.

Caroline-The battle of the sexes,  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training

The battle of the sexes, is an in depth look at the differences between the masculine – feminine energies. How each energy affects a persons perception of their world leading to various perception of negative life events, which can in time affect their hormone levels, psychical and psychological issues.

This course will help you to have a better understanding of cortex issues

Niveen Sobhy Khalifa-Actually this course would be  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
EFT practitioner/Hypnotherapist - Egypt

Actually this course would be recommended to anyone working in the field of healing in general and relationships in specific.

Bente Nyson Johansen-Very nice patience, kindly answering 
 Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
Teacher - Denmark

Very nice patience, kindly answering
Rob van Overbruggen ***
Good humor, great dance, energizing movements
Very very clever and an amazing good and kind teacher
I thank you so much for your patience

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Family consultant - Egypt

This course shows the relationships between hormones and traumas on the human body and in relationships. Specially wife-husband relationship.

Iman Saad Ahmed-Yes, I will.
It's funny  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
Relationship coach and Banker - Egypt

Yes, I will.
It’s funny and important to know the difference by men and women and that can affect their relationship in a positive way to live happily ever after with love and compassion for their differences.
Thank you Rob van Overbruggen very much 🙂

Hi Rob. I’m so greatful for you to have studied this stuff about archetypes so much, and that you bring your knowledge to everybody else, who wants to listen. It is always easier to follow someone, who can explain what is going on.

Amal Soliman-Yes.
It helps to deeply  Biocompass Biocompass Battle Sexes Training
Medical Doctor - Egypt

It helps to deeply understand the difference between masculine and feminine energy. That helps in clearing the energy and emotions related to previous traumas.