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Lisa Barry-I thoroughly enjoyed the first  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
EFT Matrix Practitioner - United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed the first module of Rob’s Biocompass® course. Small numbers making it a relaxed, friendly environment to learn in. Rob delivered the content of the information in a easy to follow, fun manner and always made sure the pace was ok for everyone.
Concise and easy to follow workbook with plenty of exercises, using real life situations from the group.
The demonstrations were very valuable making the information ‘sink in’ and become clear.
I found out the information fascinating and empowering of how I can use it not only on a personal level but also on business level.
Exciting to be involved in such a great modality!
Thank you very much Rob!

Karen Rayner-Rob van Overbruggen is passionate  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
United Kingdom

Rob van Overbruggen is passionate about Biocompass®. He is very knowledgable and presents in a way that I understood or if I didn’t understand straight away would ensure that I did by answering my questions

The last 10 days have changed my entire world. I have gained so many insights to why I am the way I am and the reasons behind some of the issues/illnesses I have had thoughout my life. I feel equipped to make even more profound changes in my own life and in the lives of others, using this amazing tool which enables one to cut straight to the core of issues and disease

The last few days on the Biocompass® health coach training have confirmed that this tool really is the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Learning the mind body brain connection and about the brain layers and their specific functions within the illeness process from Rob van Overbruggen has been invaluable and has changed the way I look at my body forever.
Rob has been a patient and thorough teacher. His demonstrations have been first class and elegant. He truly is a leader in this field.

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Registered Nurse - Australia

If you are interested in learning a clearer, mote precise way to locate the underlying core belief/issue that is troubling your client, try Biocompass®. It is all about locating the roots of the weeds so they can then be targeted rather than wasting time and effect mowing the lawn

Kirsty Marriot-Rob van Overbruggen training gives  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Mind transformation - Australia

Rob van Overbruggen training gives you hope.
Helps open your eyes.
With your eyes open you can see so much more. You can see the truths that are so well hidden. This knowledge removes the fear of disease and gives you a deeper understanding of the disease process. With this understanding you can transform your life. Go ahead and do it you are worth it.

I liked your approach, mixing silly wakeups with hard work.
Rob van Overbruggen’s philosophy in training is my own so it was congruent with my beliefs and approach. I learnt masses and cannot wait to apply the principles, not only on my own clients lives

Marion Bevington-Training with Rob van Overbruggen  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
United Kingdom

Training with Rob van Overbruggen was fascinating and insightful. Understanding there are reasons for having disease and I can own the reason (which I can transform). I don’t have to won the disease. By finding and focussing on the reasons that I can change- it means I have control back. Thanks for your clarity and dedication.

Rob van Overbruggen is very skilled at staying on topic and keeping the information clean, clear and precise and usually simple. He’s good at breaking the complexities down so we can understand each and every component which makes the learning and remembering more complete.
He uses imaginative and entertaining materials which also helps it stick in your mind.
It’s obvious he uses the infomation he teaches and has a real interest and high level of skill, not only with Biocompass® but also with the interventions.
Thanks Rob 🙂

This training is an excellent diagnostic tool to help clients identify their underlying emotional issues that may be keeping them in a disease process that is not responding to traditional medical therapy.

Jason Webster-Firstly, WOW.
I have invested  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Therapist - Australia

Firstly, WOW.
I have invested a lot of time into health in the last 5 years and Robs energy, insights and science into health has been by far the most rewarding. I have now got the tools to help more people live a happier and healthier life.
Learning Biocompass® has truly shifted my perception on the body and how it does not make mistakes.
Thanks mate

Astrid Reynolds-The training is intense but  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

The training is intense but fantastic. Over the 2 weeks course the information builds and becomes integrated. It builds a whole new framework of understanding health and illness.
Many ways in which it can be integrated and shed new insights into my life and work.

Biocompass® is one of the most profound and accurate methods of stress diagnosis, that uncovers our mental, emotional, physical – psychological experiences.
Rob’s training is a slow building but complete process of cross-reference – multi-layered experience based learning, which gently but profoundly allows one to absorb the information – principles of Biocompass®

Liz Hines-You are led step by  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Teacher - Australia

You are led step by step trough a model which explains the 2 phases of disease.
Explanations are accompanied by practical exercises which highlight areas of understanding or where clarification was required.
Loved the summary at the end of each day – the recap each morning

Tansy Rock-Studying Biocompass® is an honour !  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
United Kingdom

Studying Biocompass® is an honour ! My life and my practice will be far richer as a result
Rob van Overbruggen’s knowledge and experience is highly impressive.
It has been a great training with him.
Thank you !

Jenny Williams-This is knowledge that everyone  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

This is knowledge that everyone needs, but particularly the medical profession, that people can identify the real causes of their illnesses/infections, clear these and live better lives.

A fantastic course that really explains the connection to emotions and how they manifest physically. Explained in a very clear logical manner using different mediums (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). So all can learn ?

Carole Pepperell-I found the training to  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
MD Recruitment - United Kingdom

I found the training to be extremely subtle in its presentation. The techniques and thoroughness of the training were excellent. Nothing was taken for granted and we covered all the modles in an unhurrie – pace.
I really liked the disciple of the training and the mixture of straight presentations, work books and splitting off with partners
Clear – Concise

Caroline Paulzen-The Biocompass® course helps to  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Emotional Healer - Australia - Melbourne

The Biocompass® course helps to confirm what many people belief. That is that the mind and body are not 2 different entities to be treated separately but to be considered as a whole.
The course creates many “LIGHTBULB” moments where you can see by yourself and others experience physical and emotional issues. It’s like putting pieces of the puzzle together. More importantly, once you have the answer you can help others and yourself heal with various means.
Very empowering and motivating course. It add a whole new level to my business

Kathleen Cole-I had many insights on  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

I had many insights on this course. I understand how my body functions and I am not afraid of pain as I know it is a natural resolution of a process. Knowledge changed my perception. It gave me power. Knowledge is power.

I would recommend it to anyone who want to change themselves for the better because it opens your mind and changes your perceptions and teaches you how to heal yourself. It put you in control

This is the best course I have ever done. Rob was excellent at the way he structured it. I never felt rushed he explained everything in a way that we could all understand.

Thank you Rob you are the best. Loved it

Kim Healey-Rob van Overbruggen is a  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Costumer servise - Australia

Rob van Overbruggen is a lively energetic trainer who really knows his product.
I loved his open mind and “no bullshit” approach to health.
I now feel empowered both in my own health and being able to empower others on their own health journeys.

Lisa Barry-I learned so much from  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
EFT/ Matrix. Color Mirrors practitioner - United Kingdom

I learned so much from doing Rob van Overbruggen’s Biocompass® training course. He made it fun, easy to follow and was open to as many questions as we needed to ask. If unsure of anything we would go back over it until we understood it.
The practical exercises reinforced the knowledge and gained so many insights into the Biocompass® model
I have come away feeling knowledgeable and ready to use Biocompass® with my clients and am excited to see the changes and to spread the word of Biocompass® as it is an amazing diagnostic insight as to how intelligent our bodies are on creating and resolving disease.
Thank you so much Rob !

Rob van Overbruggen is a brilliant teacher. He takes what is potentially and extremely complicated subject and turns into something understandable and wonderful. Biocompass® is something everyone should know about Having completed the training it is now our duty to spread the word !

During the Biocompass® training the two major insights for me have been understanding that when the body is in pain it usually means that the body is in teh resolution phase, therefore it is important to move trhough the conflict so that the resolution can be fully completed.
I have also had a wonderful insight in relation to the germ layers and understanding that each layers is responsible for development of various organs and each organ has a purpose.
I feel it is important to have undertaken the training so that I can could understand the function of the organ and it’s Biocompass® meaning. Prior to attending this cours I had been told that acne represents separation conflict because this is what the skin represents. However I now understand that although conditions such as psoriasis and eczema do relate to seperation, acne is different because it is directed by the cerebellum. It is the dermis and not the top ‘contact’ layer of the skin. Therefore it represents protection and integrity.

I would definately recommend this training as it has enabled me to get a fully understanding of Biocompass® and not just a general view.

I had a wonderful experience training with Rob! The first part of the training was great, the second part left me feeling like I knew nothing but by the final stage I felt very clear about the material and confident in my knowledge of meta medicine. Rob was very supportive and willing to take his time to ensure that we has clarity. I would certainly recommend the training to others considering being a health coach. A wonderful and comprehensive skill to add to my extensive tool kit.

Lucia Lamanda-It is a brilliant course  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Early childhood educator - Australia

It is a brilliant course which will change how you perceive health forever.
Rob van Overbruggen is a great teacher, highly knowledgeable with a hint of charm – witt. The course is not only intriguing – informative, it is fun – exciting.
Thank you Rob!

Amanda Rigg-Knowledge is empowerment
I am  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Nurse/kinesiologist - Australia

Knowledge is empowerment
I am so grateful for all your knowledge
Thank you so much
Rob van Overbruggen is inspiring and brilliant.
The course gives you a totally different way of looking at illness, wellness – the perception that prevent us from living our lives to their full potential.
Truly fascinating and powerful work

The course is a bit like peeling the onion. You move from general subjects to the real teaching. Rob van Overbruggen and his logical approach to the material makes it very easy to understand and put in use.
The course is a great change in perspective about your own health and what can be done about it.
If you’d like to understand your health and therefore life better – do the course

The Biocompass® course helps to confirm what many people belief. That is that the mind and body are not 2 different entities to be treated separately but to be considered as a whole.
The course creates many “LIGHTBULB” moments where you can see by yourself and others experience physical and emotional issues. It’s like putting pieces of the puzzle together. More importantly, once you have the answer you can help others and yourself heal with various means.
Very empowering and motivating course. It add a whole new level to my business

Adam Oldmeadow-Brilliant, every emotional practitioner should  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

Brilliant, every emotional practitioner should learn this !

Rob van Overbruggen is a vibrant trainer who presents all information in an interesting manner with fun exercises that enable deep understanding of the material.

Jen Richards-This course was enlightening for  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Therapist/Food manufacturer/Author - Australia

This course was enlightening for my own perception of health – how I can not only control my own biological health, but also my destiny.
It’s changed my perceptions on this very world I walk through each day, I cannot look at this world through the same lenses or in the same perception ever again.
Rob van Overbruggen delivery of the course was both systematic, specific – at the same time fun – lively

On Robs course I realized that understanding the principples of MM can be simple. He presents it in a very relevant and well paced way.
I already had some meta knowledge but now i feel very confident in being able to apply the principles in a way ?I have not done before.
I recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in health. It is very empowering to understand why the body has disfunctions and the biological meaning. The body does not make mistakes

Easy to understand and apply well paced, well supported on the course. Amazin and relevant information that will blow your mind. I liked the best the pace and depth of information and the examples and metaphors used

I recommend his courses to anyone that has an interest in health. It is very empowering to understand

I would highly recommend the Biocompass® training with Rob van Overbruggen. His huge amount of knowledge supported by compassion for the client is a great example for a trainee Biocompass® coach. Not only will you learn amazing skills for use in your practice you may learn a lot about yourself too

Adam Oldmeadow,-Having trained as an engineer  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

Having trained as an engineer it has been fantastic to learn how the Biocompass® model can eloquently and consistently relate an organisms perception to the intelligent biological functions that run to improve survival
Rob was able to simply and clearly explain these concepts to a diverse audience
The understanding I gained from Rob allows me to discern the cause of symptoms with a few simple and directed questions. I will use this understanding in my everyday life and I’m much less scared of illness.

This course is awesome, and will help you every day
Thanks Mate !

Karen Pfeil-I feel as a medical  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Psychiatric Nurse - Australia

I feel as a medical profession that I now have answers to questions that I have had for many years.

Eleanor Hatherley-I enjoyed every minute of  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Therapist - United Kingdom - St Albans

I enjoyed every minute of the training. Learning META medicine is an exciting and profound journey, mind-stretching and mind-blowing in equal measures! Rob always made the training fun but also kept us very focused and always answered every question calmly and attentively. I came away with many insights, both on a personal level and also on a wider perspective. It is a tool that I will use for the rest of my life and well worth every penny.

Biocompass® completely changes my understanding of the disease process. It is totally fascinating and makes sense at so many levels. It’s only a matter of time before this model gets adopted by conventional medicine. The course is worth every penny and you will leave ham-packed full of insights and new information that will take your therapy process to a whole new level

Mirjana Bevanda-It's challenging, amazing, very new
 Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training

It’s challenging, amazing, very new
Mind blowing

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I had a wonderful time on Rob’s Biocompass® cours.e His training method was simple and very clear to absorb the way it was explained. I was able to take it all in . Rob covered all areas of learning visual auditory and kinestetic. The knowledge and tools I now have can only improve my life to amazing heaghts and the lives of others.
I feel so blessed being part of Robs course. I would recommend this course highly. It will be the greatest course you ever attended

Rob made sure we understood at all times. He was patient with our questions to explain it all for all of us to understand each level. The way rob Structured it simple and built on our knowledge each day

I joined the training after meeting sami, who was also trained by Rob van Overbruggen. The training has been profound and life-changing. I appreciated the support I received from Sam as I was triggered on a few occasions during the sessions. This would have been difficult without that support.
However all change is difficult and painful. The knowledge and self awareness that I have gained from my Biocompass® training will definately change my life and will undoubtly change that of those who choose to come to me in the future.
I don’t see how the world can ever be the same for me again, as I move forward, both personally and professionally

Sam Thorpe-Working with Rob van Overbruggen  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Trainer / Therapist - United Kingdom

Working with Rob van Overbruggen has been such a pleasure. I am so grateful for his guidance and expertise and highly recommend training with him personally. This open and throughtful outlook and approach makes learning these amazing principles an engaging and insightful experience. Rob uses his experience and skills to make this course a relevant and life changing experience for you personally as well as teaching the Biocompass® model as a fundamental diagnostic tool for any therapist.

The Biocompass® Health Coach course is amazing. It so clearly and precicely explains the process of illness and disease so that its possible to trance the triggers and recognize what exactly happens on a psycho-biological level during stress and the stages of illness. I am now able to collect specific information, to formulate precise questions to identify the root cause of physical illness. Biocompass® is an incredibly powerful tool based on scientific research. It really is an evolution in the understanding of the body-mind connection that all doctors and health practitioners need to understand!

Karen Rayner-Any professional practitioner in any  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
United Kingdom

Any professional practitioner in any fields, such as NLP, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, etc. will benefit hugely from this training. It can guide the practitioner to the core issue in a very accurate and magical way. I recommend you all learn Biocompass® to help the world heal itself

I was a little apprehensive before I began the first module of this training. Having done the introduction course with Sami, which inspired me to continue, I knew there would be a huge amount to learn.
Rob delivered the training in such a way that I did not feel overwhelmed and felt able to ask questions as we went along.
I loved the humour, the use of games and puzzles to get important points to stick in my memory and the exercises as practice.
The charts etc. are also excellent and invaluable as a tool.

Claire Ballantyne-very thorough, fun at many points but extremely serious Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Italy - Rome

Before starting the course I’d read a good deal, been through the Home Study pack and watched various Biocompass® and Matrix Reimprinting videos, so I was afraid the course might be on the repetitive side for me. Well I needn’t have worried! Rob is a master teacher who knows how to make sessions content-rich while at the same time light, fun, varied and very learner-friendly. Lecturing time was just enough to enable us to receive some pretty solid blocks of information verbally, but always alternated with videos, live demos, quizzes, graphics, the use of Rob’s own body to offer memorable kinesthetic demonstrations of how processes work, as well as regular revision and other exercises in pairs or small groups, so it was impossible to get tired or bored or fall asleep – even after lunch! There was also lots of music, cleverly used to raise energy, induce relaxation, or encourage reflection and creative thinking according to the needs of the moment. In fact all the material was presented with such skill and clarity that I was able to refine and deepen my previous knowledge ( many ‘ah ha!’ moments) as well as absorbing most of the new and often complex information with relative ease. We had plenty of space for questions and sharing of experiences, and I also very much appreciated Rob’s own healing abilities and his delicate handling of any individual difficulties that arose.

The training has been very thorough, fun at many points but extremely serious in its intentions and verification of learning. There is a lot of between sessions work which is both demanding and empowering. During the course I compiled pages and pages of questions – everyone of them has been answered by the end so I really feel like I have grasped most details of this complex material. Insights into the meta medicine model were constant and there were also numerous insights into my own personal issues.

Rob van Overbruggen is very skilled at staying on topic and keeping the information clean, clear and precise and usually simple. He’s good at breaking the complexities down so we can understand each and every component which makes the learning and remembering more complete.
He uses imaginative and entertaining materials which also helps it stick in your mind.
It’s pbvious he uses the infomation he teaches and has a real interest and high level of skill, not only with Biocompass® but also with the interventions.
Thanks Rob 🙂

Ann Bowditch-most incredible subject i have learned Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Hypnotherapist / EFT / Matrix - Guernsey

Biocompass® is the most incredible subject I have learned. Despite its complexity Rob van Overbruggen delivered the information in a way I could understand or ask questions. It was fun and insightful.
I cannot wait to do archetypes
Thank you for the most incredible learning experience of my life

Sarah Norrie-Rob brings absolute clarity to  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
NHS Interim - United Kingdom

Rob brings absolute clarity to the training.
It is very well structured – he bridges the gap is understanding the messages, which could otherwise feel – overwhelming – complicated.
We had fun – learnt heaps
What a fantastic tool Biocompass® is!

Carole Pepperell-I found this training informative,  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Managing Director - United Kingdom

I found this training informative, enlightening and most of all something that I could use both as a personal and professional level.
Rob van Overbruggen was direct and extremely knowledgeble about the material. He was open and honest and has left me wanting to learn more

Makes a complex, thorough process very clear and easy to use.
Broke the process down into easily learned – remembered steps.
Builds confidence in your ability to use the knowledge base to help yourself and others

Ann Bowditch-Rob van Overbruggen delivers his  Biocompass Biocompass Awakening Training
Hypnotherapist / EFT/ Matrix - Guernsey

Rob van Overbruggen delivers his training in a fun way despite the complex nature of the material.
He has broken down the training and delivered it in a way that kept me interested and my energy levels up despite the high intenstity.

Biocompass® is exciting and I cannot wait to put it into action

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Psychologist - Australia

Insightful, enjoyable, empowering, fun!
Rob van Overbruggen is a wonderful presenter, very engaging – has a lovely easy manner.
Thanks Rob!