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Unravel the Mysteries of Behavior – Practice Sessions

METAMedicine Advanced Training

Over the years that we have conducted the Behavioral Diagnostics Training we noticed that people would like to include some more practice… so here it is !

Why do you want to join



  • Complete your personal action plan
  • Get proficient in the materials and diagnostics
  • Work intensively with each other to find and resolve your issues
  • Get hands on experience with the materials
  • Do some more funky exercises



At the end of the Behavioral diagnostics training you developed your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN. During this followup training you will actually start implemeting this in your life and resolve those issues from the past.

This training is ONLY available if you have completed the 3 or 4 day Behavioral Diagnostics training on constellations before.

This training is open to all nationalities and will be conducted in English by Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.

This is a very intense and newly designed 2 day workshops. Highly interactive, highly experiential, not alot of talking… more doing.

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