Biocompasss®: Health Coaching Principles

Biocompass® is all about the emotional background of symptoms and diseases. As soon as these emotional blockages are resolved the body is better capable in healing itself. 

A Biological Example might make this more clear. 

Imagine you are walking in a dark alley, suddenly you feel a knife against your throat. “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE” is being yelled. At that moment your adrenaline shoots through the roof, your digestive system stops and blood flows to your internal organs and out of your hands. This is a natural response to such a threat. 

After you leave the alley and are back into a safe environment you can start to relax and catch your breath. You will get tired, adrenaline drops again, digestive system starts working again and blood returns to your hands. This is also a natural response when the threat has disappeared. 

Imagine that this threat keeps with you. Even though you are in a safe environment out of the alley, you still feel the danger. Your adrenaline stays in the high position, your digestive system stays in the low position, blood stays away from your hands. When this takes too long, it is not good for the body and it will result in symptoms and complaints. 

When you go to a medical profession with this complaint they will provide you with pain killers and symptom reduction medication. Especially in this case it is not the goal to work on the symptoms but under the underlying emotions and stress. When the stress has disappeared the body will restore and heal itself again. 

Like when you put your hand on a hot stove, it hurts. Will you take pain medications? No !,  you will take your hand off the stove first. You look for the underlying causes and not just the symptoms.

Biocompass® specializes in these underlying stressors of disease. We aim to resolve these stressors so your body can heal

Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.
Lead Trainer , Creator of Biocompass®
Rob has been working in this healing field since 1996. He is considered the trainer of the trainers. His two books (healing psyche and Unleash your vitality) became bestsellers in the field and by many considered a must read for any serious healing professional. His material is frequently referenced in other books and programs. He travels the world speaking at conferences and conducting live seminars and VIP trainings. Besides that he was featured in documentaries. Over the years he helped thousands of people towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.