Making you happier again – Solve the issues that hinder you

Therapy is often perceived as something which is only for crazy people. This makes the barrier to seek professional help even higher. Mental coaching and therapy is actually the same. It is a psychological guidance to solve issues or reach goals easier.

Most people express that they are relieved when they finally took the step to seek professional help for their issues. Before they actually take this first step they often have already experienced several options which were not successful.

In mental coaching we use an integral approach of the goals. We work at several levels at the same time to reach the desired goal as fast and efficient as possible. We can use whatever is necessary to get the job done. In order to obtain the results we use highly effective methods out of behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistics, hypnotherapy and energy psychology.

With such a combination we can guarantee a quick result. The first changes can already be noticed after 2 meetings, no matter how severe the issue. Mental coaching is almost never more than 10 sessions.

Our coaches/therapists are trained to have the client discover their own solutions. This way the effect is much higher than when the coach provides the solution. Not only that, the client also increases their self-reliability. The next time they will be better in handling their issues and reaching their goals.

Or like a client mentioned

“Thanks, now I can handle my problems again and I do not have to be in therapy my entire life”

Mental coaching and therapy is about more profound personal issues (that can interfere with job performance). Business coaching is directed to the now and the immediate future, while therapy also looks at the past. Business coaching is also mainly directed towards practical and job related issues.


Telephone call

Before a treatment can start there is a telephone consultation. During this consultation the main goals are being discussed and questions can be answered.


Each treatment starts with an intake. During the intake goals are being clarified and discussed. We also start working on solving some issues during the intake.


During the meetings we will work more on your goals and important issues will be resolved.


After these 6 meetings there is a evaluation. This evaluation is to see how many of the goals are already met and if the progress is as expected. If not all issues were taken care of follow up steps are determined.

• All meetings can also take place via telephone