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  • Healing Psyche® – Using the mind to influence cancer
  • Unleash your Vitality® – 8 Simple steps to maximize health
  • Invloed op Kanker® – Gezond denken en doen


  • The lion foundation brings big cats home
  • Join their cause and give abused cats a great retirement

Public Events

Biocompass® The Awakening 2020 Melbourne Australia

This foundation will awaken you in a sense you have never imagined. It will give you the insights how emotions change the biology, why and what to do about it. Your therapy can now be much more specific and aid the client to a healthier and happier life

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Biocompass® Awesome Archetypes 2020 Melbourne Australia

During this training you will learn the insights on behavior and how you can read a persons traumas based on how they behave. You will know more about them as they do themselves. This will allow your therapy to go deeper... where no-one has gone before

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Biocompass® Battle of the Sexes 2020 Melbourne Australia

Hormones influence life. Did you know they also influence how you behave and perceive trauma. Learn the secrets how your energy changes with trauma and how masculine and feminine energy can change almost instantly.

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