How hormones influence your behavior

  • Understand yourself more at a level you did not even knew existed
  • Understand why the other gender at a biological level
  • Work at a deeper level with your clients and the changes they perceived during their lifetime

Understanding the specifics of the cortex gives you insights and tools on how to work in more details with mania, depression, constellations and behavioral changes.
One of the problems in the industry is that stress-analysis is over simplified and dilluted in such a way that the client no longer recognizes himself/herself in the described the situation.

Sometimes the therapists describes a situation that is so generic that everybody recognizes that, even the people without any symptoms.

The beauty of Biocompass® is that you can skillfully craft a stress diagnosis that is so well tuned to the client that they immediately recognize themselves.

That is the difference between a surgeon and a butcher.

A surgeon needs more training, expertise and knowledge to be able to do so.

Do you want to be a surgeon… or a butcher

If you want to be a the surgeon of Biocompass®, then read on…

This unique training is especially designed to give you those tools, skills and training that you need. You will learn to apply your previous Biocompass® training on the most complex brain parts… the cortex.

The cortex is the most recent evolutionary part of our brain. This part of the brain is also referred to as grey matter. Regular anatomy and physiology shows that this cortex handles complex issues as personality, planning, organisation, touch sensations and language. When you group these functions you come to a overall functionality of communication and social interactions. These functions can be recognized in the traumas that activate symptoms too.

The dynamics of the cortex are different from the other brainlayers, and that is why it is usually not covered in depth in previous trainings. This training is especially designed to give you the extra edge of skills, tools and personal insights to become the master in your field.

Do you want to be the Master in the field?

There is quite a big difference between men and women. Just take a look outside into the streets. They behave different, dress different, talk different and react different to situtations. Considering that men and woman are not the same it also implies that the way both genders react to stressors are different.

When doing a stress diagnosis on a bronchial symptom for example it makes the world of a difference if the person is masculine or feminine.

For a butcher it does not make a difference…. for a surgeon it does…

In most brain layers the relationship between trauma and symptoms are direct and always the same. However, in the cortex that depends very much on the energy, gender and laterality of the person.

In order to make a proper and direct analysis of the physical symptom you need to know how the traumas are handled by the cortex and which processes they activate.

During this training you will learn:

  • Exactly where trauma impacts the cortex
  • Trigger / solve a mania
  • Trigger / solve a depression
  • Determine the exact trauma in the cortex
  • Work with bipolar issues
  • How hormonal influence change the trauma
  • How traumas change hormones
  • How you predict symptoms on behavior

Is this training for you?

You are only entitled to join this training if

1) You want to be a the surgeon and not the butcher. You want to be the expert in the field.

2) You have already a basic understanding of Biocompass®. You need at least a 3 day foundation training to benefit from this training.

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