Turn symptoms into empowered healing

Chronic issues are on the rise, People experience tremendous dis-empowerment in the way they are treated by physicians and hospitals. And more and more people realize that mainstream medicine does not have all the answers.
People are actively looking for the best ways to get well. They might as well come to you.

Biocompass® provides you with a unique and powerful way to turn your clients diseases into empowered healing. Understanding the exact emotional root-cause why the body created that disease gives you a clear pathway towards health and vitality.

Stress creates different diseases in different people

It has been recognized for many years that stress plays a vital role in vitality, health and wellness. However the exact mechanisms are unknown. What does stress do and why does it create disease… in some people.

When stress creates disease, Why then does it create a heart attack in one person and adrenal burnout in another person ? Biocompass® gives you the answer.

Dis-empowerment creates stress

Have you ever noticed how dis-empowered people can be when they are facing a disease or symptom? This dis-empowerment actually creates tremendous stress and limits the bodies self-healing ability.

In his book “Healing Psyche” Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. wrote extensively about this topic and how this dis-empowerment actually blocks the healing process and might even create diseases.

Stolen Body Syndrome

Image this, somehow you have developed a sickness or disease and you seek treatment for that. You visit an physician… they look at you… and they almost ‘steal’ your body. From that moment on it might be that they start saying that they are going to do surgery here, injection there. They take ownership of your body and decide what to do with it. They steal your body.

And on one level this is ok, as you might not have the expertise to know what to do. But at the same time this Stolen Body Syndrome will leave you powerless and helpless.

With the help of Biocompass® you now can get back this power, own your body and decide for yourself what you want or do not want to be done.

The physicians are helpful advisors in your process, but it is your body and you decide. This is empowerment, it reduces stress and increases your self-healing abilities.

Being sick is strange, health is normal

I did many times, I have asked myself this question since I was a young boy. Over the course of your lifetime might get an cold , cut yourself, break a bone, get in touch with a bacteria etc.

Yet, in 99.999% of the time the body is perfectly able to heal itself. It might take a couple of week depending on the issue, and then

  • The cold has disappeared
  • The cut is healed
  • The bone is fixed
  • And the bacterium is gone

Basically the body knows exactly what to do to get back into a normal healthy state.

When that is the case, how is it possible that people are sick for longer times. That is something I personally pondered upon and which set me on a course to find the missing pieces.

The body has a plan – and it is not to hurt you

During my extensive studies over the last 23 years I came to the conclusion that the body has a plan with diseases. This plan is to stay alive and to deal with life in the best way possible. Unfortunately this sometimes includes diseases.

Knowing the plan increases health

The good part is that once you know the plan of the body and where it is heading you can change and move towards health. That is what Biocompass® is all about.


With the tools and techniques you learn during the course you will be able to create magical healing results within yourself and your clients.

A week after the training a student sent me the feedback she got from her client that suffered from lifelong eczema:

I love that my hands look and feel so much better after just one session

Learn and apply

Biocompass® – The Awakening is an intensive training that will shift your mindset and give you the tools to work with your bodies plan to heal yourself and others.

After the training you

  • Understand the Bodies Plan… and can change it towards health
  • Eliminate the Stolen Body Syndrome… and move towards empowerment
  • Have successfully treated other students… and increased their quality of life
  • Have much deeper insights in your personal issues… and have increased your happiness
  • Discover your own issues in life and create a biocompass® plan on how to deal with them yourself
  • Easily find beliefs and emotions that underlie chronic issues within your clients
  • Laser sharp root cause analysis or any symptom or disease
  • Use proven formulas to find these issues fast and effective
  • Develop and honor your new relationships with your body
  • Get feedback from classroom clients and the experienced trainer to skyrocket your success rate.
  • Practice working with others so you feel confident you can help your clients better and with more confidence.
  • Build your business by being able to offer the unique biocompass® approach for your clients.
  • Go home with a clear cut plan of action.

Furthermore you will get:

  • Exclusive and Advanced Worksheets
  • Extensive workbook
  • Certificate

Training designed for your success

During this unique training you will learn how to find the exact emotional cause behind any disease. The techniques that you will learn allows you to dive straight in the emotional cause and bypasses all the guesswork. Because you will know the exact questions to ask to get straight to the core. Achieve in minutes what used to take hours or multiple sessions.

Once your client understands and recognizes that issue, the course of action is obvious and much more effective. The client often feels relief after one session. Some even feel totally transformed after the first Biocompass® session.

The perspective you are able to give your client will last for a lifetime, and is often the most profound change in their life. All because of your guidance.

You will be lightyears ahead

This methodology will put you lightyears ahead of the crowd of therapists, practitioners and integrative doctors. Your clients will be happier and you will have a full practice because of your results.

Biocompass® goes way beyond what is traditionally discussed as mind-body medicine or as ‘organ-language’.  it actually explains in a logical, biological and consistent way WHY the body reacts the way it does. Understanding the reasoning of the body to create symptoms allows you to work with it much better. Biocompass® is not just an emotional-symptom list, but a complete system to work from any symptom to the emotional cause.

You will be able to create results where others dream of, and you will become the GOTO person in your area or niche worldwide

Seamless Integration with other approaches

Integrate Biocompass® seamless with your other treatment modality:

EFT , NLP, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, but also it can be an add-on to mainstream medicine, alternative/complementary medicine. Biocompass® is part of the field of  integrative medicine.

Business Opportunity

Start or upgrade your business with new and exclusive methodologies

Use the exclusive Biocompass® branding to set yourself apart

Continue your education and become a certified trainer.

Connect with integrative health practitioners all over the world (physicians, psychologists, EFT practitioners, NLP practitioners etc etc). Creating a truly integrative network of both mainstream and alternative/complementary practitioners where all sides respect and learn from the others expertise.

Biocompass® is one of the most advanced mind-body systems available. With the complete redesigned trainings we are now able to teach this methodology in a much easier and effective way.

The training integrated personal development and evolution together with direct applications for your clients.

Ongoing Network

At the end of the training you will get the possibility to join exclusive international network of professionals that help you in building and growing your therapy business.

It allows you to:

  • Position yourself as the expert
  • Get referrals from other therapists
  • Have a personal support group
  • Case discussion forum – ask others for help on your clients
  • Connect with likeminded people all over the world

This network is exclusively for Biocompass® graduates which ensures the quality and expertise of the people involved

Is this exclusive training for you?

This training is designed for people who are trained to be a therapist, coach, physician or any other profession to help people live a happier and healthier life.

This is an intensive training and we only allow people in the training who are the right ones. This training is not for everyone.

You must be:

  • Open, ready and eager to learn
  • Pleased in discovering your own issues
  • Willing to play and feel the effect personally
  • Ready to have fun during the learning process

Do you want to

  • Live you own life with complete vitality … and help your clients to remain or regain a complete vital lifestyle
  • Heal your own issues…issues that you might not even be aware of
  • Learn “What to do When” when presented with physical issues ranging from a small eczema to a serious disease.
  • Get to the root of illness or emotional turmoil much faster with more precision… so you can heal it quicker and complete.
  • Heal the issue from the roots, so it will be removed from your entire life instead of just the symptoms
  • Re-align with your body, and get rid of the fear of disease or illness. Really feel in the core of your entire system the meaning and respect for the symptoms and know what you need to do.

Then Biocompass® The Awakening is for you

This certification course is specifically designed for therapists (mainstream and/or alternative/ complementary) that want to work smarter, faster and more holistic in healing their clients physical issues.

If you want to get deeper levels of understanding in how the mind influences the body, and what to do about it.

You will benefit professionally and personally from this training whether you are:

EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner or Hypnotherapist, Counselor or Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Homeopath, Reflexologist, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Kinesiology, Reiki, Life coach, Performance Coach, Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer, Aroma therapists.

After this training you are able to increase the quality of your clients and the quality of your life is increased. Guaranteed !


The training is designed in such a way that it is easy to comprehend and you go home with a proven track record and testimonials. This allows you to start implementing Biocompass® immediately in your business

Day 1 : The body has a plan

  • The body never makes mistakes .. or does it ?
  • Why does the body make changes
  • The two major types of diseases and how to recognize them
  • What triggers the body in developing symptoms
  • How to remove the trigger and let the body heal itself

Day 2 : Discovering the plan

  • Understanding tissues vs organs
  • Different tissues generate different symptoms
  • How relations influence the symptoms
  • Sponge type tissues and their symptoms and emotional causes
  • Discover limiting belief systems

Day 3 : Discover the emotional cause

  • Jelly type tissues and their symptoms and emotional causes
  • Turtle type tissues and their symptoms and emotional causes
  • Ask transformational questions , the pure nature of the question starts a transformation process
  • Find traumas that precede disease and clear them before they become a problem – Prevention is better than curing

Day 4 : Creating a Biocompass® action plan

  • Bear type tissues and their symptoms and emotional causes
  • Chimp type tissues and their symptoms and emotional causes
  • Understand and deal with chronic diseases
  • Do a complete Biocompass® analysis

Unlock your (and your clients) own healing potential


This is a 4 day intensive training.

There is no mandatory evening program, but there will be evening assignments.

We highly recommend that you keep the evenings free of your planning.

Spend your evening to:

  • Complete the assignments
  • Consolidate the learnings
  • Go over your materials
  • Formulate questions

This will increase your personal insights.

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