Biocompass®: Understanding pain and disease

How Biocompass® explains why there is pain and disease.

Most people believe that disease is caused by a mixture of lifestyle choices, genetic inheritance, accidents and bad luck.These certainly all play an important part but there are many questions left unanswered by the current health model and we still don’t know what actually causes most disease processes.Doctors now acknowledge that up to 90% of disease is caused by or complicated by stress.

However, there is often no in-depth explanation of why or how this is so.

I came across Biocompass® a few years ago and it has totally changed the way I perceive disease. Biocompass® is not a therapy and does not claim to cure anyone. It is a scientifically researched model and it gives us a much more detailed understanding of exactly what ‘stress’ is and how specifically it has an effect on the body. More importantly, it offers important insight into why people get specific diseases and the physical mechanism by which ‘disease’ is created.

WHAT IS Biocompass® ?

In 1978 a doctor and his wife lost their son in a shooting accident. Within a year the doctor developed testicular cancer and his wife developed ovarian cancer.
He felt that it was more than coincidental that they had both developed cancer of the reproductive organs after losing their child in a shocking accident. He carried out intensive research, initially on his own patients and then later on tens of thousands of cancer patients, and found that in just about every case he could trace the development of cancer to a severe and unexpected emotional shock which had occurred within the past year or two.
What’s more, he also found that the type of shock determined the exact site of the cancer.

He went on to research other diseases and again found that each specific type of conflict affects a specific organ or body structure. He also found, through the use of CAT scans, that every shock or conflict leaves a shadow on the brain in the exact area which corresponds to the relevant organ.
From his research he created a comprehensive disease chart which accurately describes the exact type of conflict which causes each specific disease.

So, in other words, when we have a conflict or a shock:

  1. It will manifest physically, both in the brain and in an organ or body structure
  2. Each specific type of conflict will affect a specific organ or body structure

It seems that the body, which is highly adaptive, runs a kind of biological adaptation programme in response to a conflict or shock. The intention of the programme is to increase the strength or effectiveness of that part of the body which will enable it to deal better with that specific conflict and therefore for us to survive better as a species.

Disease can therefore be seen as a process which the body is going through rather than something that randomly occurs. The body doesn’t make mistakes and it is ultimately our perceptions about the people, events and environment around us that create what we call disease.

The 4-stage disease process

According to Biocompass® , there are four main parts to a ‘disease’ process:

1. A conflict shock. The shock has to be:

a) Unexpected – didn’t see it coming

b) Dramatic – to that person

c) Isolating – no-one understands, no-one can help

d) No coping strategy – just don’t know what to do to resolve this

2. Conflict/active phase. The body then goes into the conflict or active phase. We will have obsessive thoughts about the conflict, we will be more adrenalised, and we will not sleep or eat as much. For most programmes there won’t be any noticable physical symptoms at this stage but the adaptation programme in response to the specific conflict has begun.

3. Resolution. At some point the conflict will be resolved. This may happen quickly or gradually.

4. Healing/resolution phase. Once the conflict has been resolved, we go into the healing or resolution phase. We become tired and relaxed, and we sleep and eat a lot. The relevant organ or body structure starts to repair or to rebuild. This phase often brings symptoms of swelling, inflammation and pain as the body takes on water around the organ while it repairs it. We will often reach for the painkillers or anti-inflammatories, or we go to the doctor complaining of tiredness and pain or other symptoms. Drugs will help to relieve the symptoms but will delay the healing process. This is fine – sometimes we need a little relief, a lessening of the symptoms. During the repair process the body also uses bacteria, viruses and fungi as part of the repair process. Doctors will often give antibiotics which can be useful if they are overwhelming the system. Antibiotics have saved many lives and will continue to do so but ultimately we need the bacteria, viruses and fungi to heal fully.

Once the healing phase is complete we go back to normal functioning.

The brain layers

Our brain has four layers which control all the different organs and structures within the body:

1. The brainstem is the most primitive part of the brain and controls digestion and survival

2.  The cerebellum is about protection

3. The medulla governs strength and movement

4. The cortex is responsible for our social and territorial issues.

The brainstem and cerebellum programmes are basic survival programmes and the organs and body structures produce extra cells (cell plus) during the stress phase. This enables the organ or tissue to quickly work more effectively – ie to digest better, to take in more air, to protect the body better. During the healing phase the extra cells are broken down (cell minus) and expelled from the body. This is done with the help of bacteria, fungi and viruses which build up during the stress phase but which remain inactive until the repair phase.

For the medulla and the cortex, there is a loss of cells during the stress phase and in the resolution phase extra cells are formed, making the organ bigger and stronger in the long term so that it can deal more effectively with the conflict – ie with stronger bones or muscles. Again, microbes are used in the repair phase.


It is estimated that most people have an average of 20 programmes running at any one time. Most of them resolve quickly and without lasting physical effect. However sometimes a programme can develop into what we would call ‘disease’.

From a Biocompass® perspective, ‘disease’ is as simple as the mechanism of cell plus and/or cell minus. If we are in a medulla or cortex healing phase, we are producing extra cells and there is swelling and pain as part of this process. Depending on where in the body the programme is running, this would be labelled as arthritis or eczema or back pain, for example.

If a conflict has been very intense or very long then the repair phase will be intense or long which will create intense or sustained pain and symptoms. ‘Hanging healings’ are also very common and are responsible for most long-term pain and disease. This is where we experience a conflict, resolve it, get part way through the repair phase, get retriggered, go back into the stress phase again and so on. Each time we retrigger and repair we are creating more physical ‘symptoms’.

To stop the pain or disease all we need to do is to stop the process of cell plus/minus. This is done by resolving the original conflict. Therapies such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and NLP are very effective for doing this.


There are lots of other stressors on our bodies nowadays. Our diet has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution and most people’s diets are pretty poor. We take less and less exercise and our environment is full of toxins. We often do not rest when we need to but continually pursue excitement and stimulation, both mentally and physically. Our bodies are under stress from all directions.

Conflict shocks have less impact on us physically if we are in good health and have good vitality. If, on the other hand, our vitality is poor because of our lifestyle, symptoms will often be much more aggravated. For example, if you have severe eczema it is probable that as well as having a Biocompass® programme running you will also have dietary issues such as lack of fish oil or an allergy, or the liver is overloaded with toxins. Therefore the eczema can be hugely improved by taking supplements, changing your diet, supporting the liver, etc. The Biocompass® programme will still be running underneath but should be less problematic. For long term and complete removal of the eczema, however, the conflict will need to be looked at and resolved.

We tend to get more pain and disease as we get older. This is because our bodies are generally less effective and have less vitality. The years and years of bad diet, lack of exercise and toxins have also had longer to take effect, as have the unresolved Biocompass® programmes.

There is also undoubtably a genetic influence on our health. It may be that we directly inherit some kind of physical propensity for certain diseases or we may perhaps inherit our ancestors’ ways of thinking and of perceiving the world. Our childhood programming will be strongly affected by our parents’ emotional reactions to the world and we will often adopt the same patterns which will lead us to get the same conflicts and therefore experience the same diseases. For example, the offspring of a parent with low self-esteem is probably more likely to have low self-esteem themselves.


As a Biocompass® Health Coach, I have access to complex charts detailing the specific conflict for most organs and body structures. This means that if you have symptoms I can usually pinpoint the exact organ or body structure that is being affected and tell you the theme of the conflict you are running. I can also tell you which brain layer is active and whether you are in the stress phase or the restoration phase. Once I tell clients the conflict theme, I find it usually resonates with them and we can often quickly find the event which started it.

A Biocompass® consultation includes the following:

1. A thorough assessment of your symptoms, when they started and what pattern they currently follow

2. Which Biocompass® conflict theme is causing your pain or physical problem

3. What is actually happening in your body and at which stage of the process you are in

4. The specific event or events in your life that have caused this pain or illness

5. How your perceptions/beliefs about yourself and the people around you are causing this conflict and how to avoid being triggered by another similar event in the future

6. How to maximise your wellness and vitality so that your body will withstand future conflicts better

After the session you will receive a written therapeutic report summarising what you might need to address on a mind, body and spirit level to experience total wellness again. You can then choose to work further with me to clear the Biocompass® programme and reprogramme your beliefs. I use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting which are quick and effective.


When we get pain and disease our bodies are giving us a valuable message. Looking at this message in more detail can give us amazing potential to heal ourselves on a bigger scale. For example, if a client came to me with back pain I will know that they have core issues around not feeling strong enough or good enough. We could then explore how they feel about themselves, their thought patterns, their childhood programming, the beliefs they have formed, and can start to change their perception of themselves and the world around them. In the long term, not only will they have helped their back pain but they will also have become happier and more confident which will have a profound effect on the rest of their lives.

Your symptoms are giving you an important message. Are you ready to listen?

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Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.
Lead Trainer , Creator of Biocompass®
Rob has been working in this healing field since 1996. He is considered the trainer of the trainers. His two books (healing psyche and Unleash your vitality) became bestsellers in the field and by many considered a must read for any serious healing professional. His material is frequently referenced in other books and programs. He travels the world speaking at conferences and conducting live seminars and VIP trainings. Besides that he was featured in documentaries. Over the years he helped thousands of people towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.