The Unmistakable Link Between Unhealed Trauma & Illness

Most of us experience trauma at some level, not just war veterans who witness and experience horrific terror, but simply by growing up as vulnerable children in a world where many parents are themselves traumatized and can’t always hold that vulnerability safe for a child. You might mistakenly think that you must experience incest, child [...]

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An Essential Read

Healing Psyche by Rob van Overbruggen PhD One of the drawbacks with any complementary therapy is that each one is touted as having all the answers. Sure, it’s a necessity for the individual practitioners in marketing what they do, and this positive attitude is important to instil confidence in a client before they work together. [...]

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Press release-New and Innovative Concepts in Psychological Cancer Treatment

LANDMARK STUDY REVEALS NEW AND INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL CANCER TREATMENT Author Rob van Overbruggen PhD shares his expertise and utilizes the power of the human mind to influence the cancer process in Healing PsycheROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – In Healing Psyche: Psychological Secrets for Effective Cancer Treatment, author Rob van Overbruggen describes the evolution of [...]

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False hope or False Despair

False Hope Doesn’t Exist Healing Psyche: False Hope doesn’t exist. In the fight against cancer many people use the term 'false hope'. This doesn’t exist. Hope is real, Hope heals. Healing Psyche explains that hope is always real, and that there are always possibilities of healing. From every disease there are people who have [...]

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Curing diseases or Increase health ?

The World Health Organization uses a brilliant definition of health.   Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity   However most people, including myself for a while, focused on eliminating diseases and discomfort for my clients. So what can I do to [...]

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