Taking Control

Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D. talks about taking control of your healing process. You can take control by learning the science of metamedicine during one of his international trainings. Live at the METAMedicine International Conference Egypt 2013

Hypnosis – American Cancer Society

Hypnosis Other common name(s): hypnotherapy, hypnotic suggestion, self-hypnosis Scientific/medical name(s): none Description Hypnosis is a state of restful alertness during which a person uses deeply focused concentration. The person can be relatively unaware of, but not completely blind to, his or her surroundings, and he or she may be more open to suggestion. It is considered to …

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Bevolkingsonderzoek Borstkanker ook onnodige behandelingen

Het bevolkingsonderzoek borstkanker voorkomt elk jaar 775 doden, claimt de site van het RIVM. Maar elk jaar krijgen ook 375 vrouwen onnodig een behandeling tegen borstkanker omdat de screening een afwijking constateert die eigenlijk niet levensbedreigend is en waarvan de vrouw anders nooit iets zou hebben geweten. In Nederland krijgen vrouwen tussen de 50 en …

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False Hope Doesn’t Exist

Healing Psyche: False Hope doesn’t exist. In the fight against cancer many people use the term ‘false hope’. This doesn’t exist. Hope is real, Hope heals. Healing Psyche explains that hope is always real, and that there are always possibilities of healing. From every disease there are people who have somehow healed themselves.This is a …

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Press release- Healing Psyche : New and Innovative Concepts in Psychological Cancer Treatment

LANDMARK STUDY REVEALS NEW AND INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL CANCER TREATMENTAuthor Rob van Overbruggen PhD shares his expertise and utilizes the power of the human mind to influence the cancer process in Healing PsycheROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – In Healing Psyche: Psychological Secrets for Effective Cancer Treatment, author Rob van Overbruggen describes the evolution of his …

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