Measure your happiness

Subjective Units of Experience (SUE) is a way to measure success or progress in a certain area. SUE-PAD will help your clients to gain insight in the progress that they made.

Have you ever experienced the apex affect with your clients ?

Part of the lasting change in clients is that they know that they progressed.

SUE-PAD will help you measure the progress of your clients during a session and show them the results they booked. Ofcourse this also works when you are doing a session on yourself.

It is really easy. Just slide your finder to the point of how you feel on the current issue and press NEXT.

Do this as often as needed during the session, then when you are finished, press SUMMARY and you see your progress.

Then publish your progress picture on facebook to let other people know how you solved that issue.

You can download this app for your smartphone everything except apple) directly from the play store (type in sue-pad)